Show, Ask don’t tell -agile demystified

I’m used to lots of jargon at work. Now I am having to learn a whole new set of terminology in order to keep up with my son’s craze for YouTube hair styling videos. 

When all our jobs have been taken over by Artificial Intelligence and Robots – I am pretty sure I can switch to my (currently amateur ) career in hair cutting / styling. Like Arthur Dent’s wildebeest sandwich making. 

Anyway – in our search for the perfect ‘disconnected undercut’ my son finally gave up on my haphazard efforts and we headed to a paying hair salon to learn from the professionals. 

Why is it that getting our hair cut makes us so happy and makes hairstylists the happiest profession despite the often low pay ?

Firstly its the personalised service. The good ones listen actively and they are versatile – they don’t just churn you out with the same style as the person before you. They ask – not tell. My son wasn’t interested in blue rinse shampoo and set with laquer like the woman before. More like no 1 clipping, Straighteners and clay. Very frequent questions – ‘how would you like the length – how would you like it dried – do you like shiny wax or matt?’Your look co-designed throughout the session, bespoke to you. They are honest – “with your curly hair , you won’t be able to look exactly like Mariano di Vaio.” 

You come out looking a million dollars for £15 (its grim up North London). Luckily you can combine your trip by popping into the artisan baker next door to pick up a bargain ‘pain ancienne’ for £2.20. 

So – software suppliers how about you trying to make us this happy? Listening – co-design- personalised – ask don’t tell.

Or employers – can you make your IT staff this happy? The tables are turning and millennials want a personalised employment experience.

In case you are asking – for CIOs attempting to transform themselves into Digital leaders I recommend an updated hairstyle along the lines above. Its better than wearing your baseball cap backwards.

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