Abhorrent words – disrupting vaginas

We all have to put up with some revolting words in the jargon of the digital world. 

Disruption (think free range toddlers in a Crouch End cafe) or derailed trains? What’s good about that? 

Lipstick on a pig – spin?

More bang for your buck – isn’t this about bombs? Hopefully not brothels? 

So I am adding another word that will challenge the digital community: menstruation. 

What has that got to do with digital? Not a lot I would say but some people would beg to differ.

The connected vagina: monitor when your tampon needs to be changed with a new app my.flow


There are a lot of problems in the world for the brilliant minds of the digital community to focus their attentions on. So I’m not sure how this has become a priority? Maybe someone thought us women were being left out? I don’t think they asked though. 

In my experience the young generation have absolutely no shame about their periods.

It’s really not ‘a girls worst nightmare having blood leak through their new white pants’. 

They don’t wear white pants when its their period.

I would argue that putting a sensor in your vagina to check when your tampon needs changing is over – engineering.

This isn’t the only vagina disrupting technology on the market – how about this one? Even in North London the market for this will be limited. It’s a speaker you insert into your vagina to play music to foetuses. Fathers to-be tread carefully about buying this as a gift without asking.


Suggestion: instead, how about contributing the development money to this charity?

Women around the world are having their lives blighted by lack of cheap sanitary protection options. Girls miss out on up to 20% of their school time.


This is a simple, sustainable, no ongoing cost solution: 


Forget my.Flow nobody needs it. Its madness.

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