Monthly Archives: December 2016

Smart people and quick learners   are everywhere – we just need to give them a voice / break

Here in Ochos Rios – met  Omar in the hotel. He is great at Maths and mechanics. His parents could not afford to give him a complete education. He can fix any problem with a car or with the hotel ‘system’.

He said: they don’t learn – these sun umbrellas blow away and are damaged in the wind so they have to buy new ones every year. Instead they should build more fixed thatched ones. If they just asked the staff responsible for putting the umbrellas out the staff would tell them the solution in 2 minutes. 

We are lucky: he is going to join the British Navy – they are model employers – they take responsibility for finding talented people from all backgrounds and completing their education. 

All employers could take a leaf out of their book. You get creativity – commitment – wily – unconventional approaches. Which you need in the Navy and every other industry to make a difference (and have fun at work).