How to use LinkedIn to shake up your Groupthink

One way of using LinkedIn is to connect up with people on LinkedIn that you already know in your ‘real world’ life – your ‘club’. At the same time as desperately seeking to link with ‘influential’ people higher up the food  chain.
That way you can be sure that everything you read has been pre-filtered by like minded people, and you are not likely to need to discriminate between the LinkedIn equivalent of fake news as opposed to the trusted sources or uour highly esteemed club.

of your club. You only hear what you want to hear. 

Instead of thinking of your network being there for you to exploit, think of it as a way to give other people new career breaks and support.

The best new ideas and insights do notcome  from the establishment but outside.

Link to people who aren’t like you. From other countries, different genders, ages, ethnicities. Offer up your links and your networks to people you met in the park, or dog walking. 

For example, how many men can say that 50% of their linked in network is women? Why not? I often check when looking at conference speakers or companies todo business with, how diverse their network is on LinkedIn.

It’s the virtual equivalent of going to a part and instead of talking to just your best mates, talk to the person in the room whi is the least like you. I guarantee you will learn something. 


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