Monthly Archives: April 2017

How to live

6 things to remind yourself of (works for everyone)

  1. However hard they try nobody can be like me. I am the sum total of all my experiences and I can only change that by having new experiences. At any moment in time I am as perfect as I can be. I make my best contribution being me.
  2. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. All experiences once processed are good experiences (we are all living proof). We are here to experience the world and make it better for everyone.
  3. If something is important to me I’ll bring all my forces to bear. Tackle it from every angle. Consider every approach. Leave no stone unturned. Stick with it. Push the boundaries. Campaign for it. No regrets. No doh moments. If it doesn’t work its not me its just the wrong time. The only thing I can’t do anything about is bad timing. Change for the better is not always linear.
  4. If it’s not important to me I don’t do it or make it routine – I don’t waste time on it. That includes people who refuse to listen or understand.
  5. Until I know what else is important to me I’ll try everything and follow my interests. My top priority is always helping people.
  6. Love, connections and ideas are the things that if I give them away I’ll end up having more. They’re not zero sum equations.