A window into the tech future – and it’s female – who knew? 

( not finished just saved) 

For the last 6 months I have been seeking out the real technology trendsetters – the ones who think technology is just a tool for problem solving. Who think in the age of AI and robots – people should be more like people and less like robots – in order to stay relevant. 

Yesterday I found them. Not centre stage Where does innovation start? but in an unassuming half day conference just hehind London Bridge. 

The amazing Dan Peatfield brought all the best thinkers – and more to the point – do-ers together. 

Incredible insights: 

The amazing .. ex Lawyer ( apparently 60% want to exit the profession) now running AI  company … with 21 staff.  They have no HR, people can work ehatever hours they like. She has her personal manifesto instead – if you like it – work here. If it makes you uncomfortable – don’t.
Xxx  who is desperately Seeking mOre cybesecurity  talent – and guess what? I recent recruitments – Women get paid £23k (nearly £100k) more than men in cybersecurity because of their wholistic / nuanced understanding of the subject – not just a siloed technical perspective. 

What about Zara Farrar eho has brought women and men   yogether yo jean in and support each other pkus set new standards for behaviours inntechnology – from Mandatory diverse Recruitment osnels , To male  speakers i stead suggesting their female collaugues.,

Very simple but making a huge difference inngovernment technology. 
Gillian Howsrd – Rottweilker lawyer supporting the new suffragettes – women taking city firms to court fir discrimination. For their efforts they are informalky blacklisyed from working again in the city. But with 7 figure comprnsation payments – and nsming and dhaking on this open data: at keadt thrre are at kast some consequences for this sort of behaviour . 

I was very privekedged to be one of the chairs of the events ( thanks Dan for the opportunity) 

This is where it is all happening – the creativity of young women and mums from all walks of life unencumbered by establidhment rules and beurocracy.  With youth and their children as inspiration. 

But it was Sue Black who started this movement 5 years ago – a nobody really noticed. 
If you need to name one woman tech role model. For me – Sue tops the list. 



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