Men’s pond

This morning I headed on my new bike to the ladies pond for two adventures in one. Only to find that it was iced over and that the ‘churning’ machines were not working.

We have a rare invitation to the Men’s pond.

This gets us talking in our bikini clad stately glide in 4 degree water round the spanking diving board.

How does this feel different to the Ladies only pond?

With our eyes – the obvious thing is that it is lighter and much more open.

With our souls the thing is that this occupation for women is described as ‘mad’ whereas for men its thought of as ‘adventurous’ – hence they have a diving board and we don’t. Or maybe they just asked.

What could we have done with our lives if we had been men? And what could they have done if they had been us?

The question is – which men? These quiet, self contained – surprisingly adventurous men in their changing yard adjacent to ours?

They could have had children – more children if they had wanted.

We could have been more self contained, less eager to please. We could have made a better society, been listened to, been more public, made more of a difference, spent less time cleaning up sick. Could we have done that anyway? Well yes – if we had assertively handed the sick cleaning to someone else. If we had money or a willing partner – if we had asked.

Maybe these quiet caring men would have said ‘yes – I’m not myself when I’m striving in the business world. I’m a locked down version of myself stuck on the straight and narrow’.

Caring for dependents can be very limiting. Wage slavery too in another way. How much should we sacrifice ourselves for others? And for how long?

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