Girl Thursday

It’s New Year and the finishing touches to the new me – an exhausting 2 year programme.

I’ve sorted out most things but I still can’t think straight at home because I can never find anything and we don’t have any systems in place for the family that we will all collaborate together to use. I feel panicky and sabotaged.

I feel like I’m wasting my life pairing socks and finding lost items – and the dog hasn’t helped matters because she keeps picking up stick shaped objects of any type around the house, burying them in places like dirty washing piles, and chewing all our headphones.

And – by an amazing piece of synchronicity my marvellous friend Louise has just set up a business to get all the stuff out of my life I don’t need so that I can feel like I’m living a more simple family life. I hate high maintenance activities.

In the space of four hours Louise and I leave no stone unturned across the whole house making quick fire decisions about what to keep what to sell and what to chuck. Cleaning wipes in hand – shelves are cleared and designer perfumes lined up on display.

In this whirlwind of activity there is a method. Louise is listing items on eBay – checking retail prices and even working through my wardrobe to help me decide what my image is. It’s fun.

Louise works out a practical system that aligns with my lifestyle and parenting values (in my case – benign neglect through encouraging independence).

Louise drives away with a car full of saleable items and I have my house straight for the first time in two years.

For me that is priceless. I have freed up head space and time to get on running my new business.

I’ve worked out that success depends on your environment and with mine zhuzzed up I feel free to press on with work.

I’m waiting for money to roll in from eBay sales.

In the end the money I’ve paid girl Thursday will be a great investment because the sales on eBay will be fourfold that price

When my husband gets home he says ‘amazing I feel like I’m living in a boutique hotel now.’

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