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A film recommended by Barak Obama – which works on many levels including subliminally.

It’s not just a sci-fi story. Most films are not about the story line. That’s the superficial level.

Everything about the film was carefully chosen. It was not an accident that it was an all- female team sent to destroy the shimmer. Are women best placed to lead on global warming?

Barak Obama is a very intentional man.

He didn’t recommend that film by accident.

There is a theme about affairs. Is it worse for Kane a to put his work first – to shut down feelings and to be so alienated from Lena that they cannot talk? Or worse for a Lena to have an affair with someone she can talk with and be herself with?

The film’s view is that Lena can live with herself after having an affair – she chose her original version when she was in the lighthouse. The lighthouse means enlightenment.

Kane chose to swap versions to the new version – perhaps the one with feelings.

The title of the film – annihilation – is about nihilism. She chose agency. All the other women chose destruction. It only takes one person to choose agency to bring the whole shimmer down – to stop it.

It is also about rebirth, enlightenment and awakening.

Men shut themselves off from their emotions for work. Some women are waking up to the fact we are annihilating the planet.

Kane could not live with himself, Lena could.

They seemed to forgive each other at the end.

What does shimmer mean? I need to think that through.

Modern film makers take the place of philosophers or Shakespeare of previous eras. They are very powerful.